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Client Privacy Notice

According to the GDPR rules, I, Richard Newbury am the data controller and I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. My registration number with the ICO is ZA487398. I am asking for your name, address, email address and mobile number in order to contact you; if one method of contact fails, I will therefore have another. I will ask your age at assessment, but not your date of birth. Your notes will include what is defined as ‘sensitive information’. Without this information, the brief notes that I keep would have little meaning. Only your first name will be used in supervision, never your surname.

I will always seek your written consent to contact your GP, social workers etc. However, if there is a risk of serious harm to yourself or another, including safeguarding issues, I may break confidentiality and speak directly to the relevant authority. Otherwise, the only other person to see your information would be my clinical executor in the event of my death or serious illness. They would use your contact information to let you know that our work could not proceed as normal or at all.

I will keep notes and your data for seven years, in line with my insurance policy. Your data will be kept by me in a locked cabinet, to which only I will have the key. After seven years I will cross-shred all notes. Notes from supervision of your work will also be destroyed at the same time as your client notes. After our work has finished I will delete your email address and phone number from my computer and phone, both of which are password protected.

Were there to be a breach of data for any reason, I will inform you and the ICO within 72 hours.

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Signed by Client: _______________________________________________________

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